Garden services available in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

We offer a range of external services from one-off clearances to regular garden maintenance for your household or business in Milton Keynes.
We have listed our gardening services below.

  • Grass Cutting & Strimming
    We provide both regular and one off grass cutting, strimming borders leaves a tidy and professional finish to your lawn

  • Bush, hedge Trimming
    Using our range of professional equipment we shape and maintain hedgerows and bushes

  • Lawn care and feed
    Regular applications of professional lawn 'weed and feed' treatment is essential to create and maintain a beautiful lawn

  • Cleaning and pressure washing of driveways and paths
    Pressure washing is a great way to restore patio's and pathways.

  • Erection of sheds and fences and garden structures
    Strong winds can damage fence panels and posts. We can supply and install replacement fence posts and panels to your requirements.

  • De-weeding beds, driveways, pathways and patios
    Fed up with weeds on your premises? We offer services to keep on top of it.

  • Leaf Clearance
    Leaves are falling, making pathways slippery and leaving your property looking messy, therefore we can offer both one-off and regular leaf clearance services.

  • Preparing and clearing flower beds
    cutting back shrubs, de-weeding and digging over beds.

  • Treating of fencing and garden structures 
    We can apply wood treatments to fencing and garden structures, to avoid rotting and and increase the overall life-span of outdoor structures.

  • Pruning Flowers
    Regular pruning encourages plant growth and flowering each year.

  • Debris removal from gutters
    Winter weather conditions often cause leaves and debris to gather in gutters causing blockages, we remove this to avoid the risk of further damage.

We clear almost all garden waste...

If you require any of the above or have any questions about other garden requirements you may have, please feel free to contact us by phone or email, visit our Contact Us page for details.