Garden Maintenance Terms and Conditions.

1.All work undertaken will be discussed and agreed prior to the start date and all work will be completed byTW Garden services Milton Keynes unless otherwise agreed.

2. The estimate/original price for work includes all labour and green waste disposal if required inc materials if required.All estimates are based on a fixed price we do not charge on a hourly rate. 

3. Any addition and/or alterations to the contract shall be properly treated as variations and subject to written instructions and additional payments may be required to cover the agreed changes.

4. The client shall provide access to site and dry storage space for materials at all times during the works progress and during TW Garden services Milton Keynes working hours.

5. TW Garden services is not able to accept responsibility for any damage to (or cost involved with) any underground hazards, obstructions or services not made known to us in writing or apparent on visual inspection.

6. It is very important and the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure we are made aware of any special/statutory bylaws/conditions/permissions that may be involved.

7. Severe weather conditions, including drought, may cause the delay of visits but this will not affect the original, agreed price.

8. The removal of dog excrement or large amounts of litter from the site is the responsibility of the client.

9. TW Garden Services Milton Keynes will send an invoice to the client after each visit or end of month if there are multiple visits per month.

10. The client will be responsible for all payments to TW Garden Services Milton Keynes.

11. On the "Get 5 Grass cuts and the 6th for free" deal is a once per household deal only and all 5 grass cuts must be paid in full at the start of contract. The deal is also only valid if the grass area is in a manageable state otherwise first visit may cost more to bring back to a reasonable condition.

12. Payment terms are 10 days from date of invoice. Payment methods are Cash or by BACS (Internet bank transfer) .

13. A regular maintenance program will be agreed for the year.

14. The term waste removal refers only to waste produced by TW Garden Services Milton Keynes. Where possible we encourage customers to have compost areas and/or green bins.

15. Any work that requires materials for the job will require a 30% deposit of the total quotation price and all materials will be the property of TW Garden Services until full payment is complete.

16. TW Garden Services customers are required to pay within 10 Days of invoice to avoid an extra £5 charge per week.

17. TW Garden services will not be held responsible for damage from any other contractors you may have working at your property.

18. All TW Garden services customers are responsible to read all of our terms and conditions and agree the terms and conditions on accepting quotations.